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petsafe containment systems

Welcome to Poultry Supplies Direct

Poultry - Game - Waterfowl

Our objective is to make poultry keeping easy, simple and enjoyable.


We provide a range of hand built traditional poultry houses and innovative new eco designed chicken coops. In addition we have a wide range of poultry supplies and equipment including: fox busting poultry netting kits, automated drinkers and feeders, lamps and incubators.

Whether you are starting out with poultry or have many, many birds it doesn't matter to us. Our approach is the same:

  • Offer you good, practical and friendly advice,
  • Help you select the correct products to keep your chickens safe, secure and healthy
  • Give you value for money and on going support.

We are here to help so please don't hesitate to contact us:
Call: 01620 860058